Friday, May 1, 2009

Life Imitates Lysistrata, 2,420 Years Later

Parselelo Kantai at the FT reports:

Kenyan women call for sex boycott
"Kenyan women’s organisations have called for a national sex boycott to force feuding male politicians in the coalition government to resolve differences.

The women said they were prepared to pay prostitutes to withhold their services for a week to make the campaign more effective."
Worth reading in full. Makes you wonder whether Aristophones was relating a story about something that had actually happened once, as opposed to creating something out of whole cloth. In any case, it surely is one sign that maybe women have a point when they say the world would be a better place were they in charge. There's also that old Roman saying, "Rome rules the world, and the wives of the Romans rule Rome."

(h/t Yves Smith at naked capitalism.)

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clarisse said...

Prime minister's wife Ida Odinga has joined the boycott on Thursday, but no information about President's wife's decision:
(in french)