Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dear Readers

I am not exactly signing off, but I am beginning law school, which will basically mean for much less frequent posting. Daily Sources will likely become Intermittent Sources and I will probably write longer pieces dedicated to specific subjects, much as I did at the very start. It is one of my ways of trying to keep abreast of developments in those subjects that I find interesting, so I am not entirely abandoning the blog project, but I simply will not have as much opportunity to devote as much time and energy to it in the future.

All the best,
-- Freude Bud


clarisse said...

Good luck, Freude Bud, sounds a great project!
I'll be waiting for your pieces. Daily sources will miss me, but I understand what you mean: blogging can be such a heavy devotion duty, sometimes…

T. Greer said...

The best to you FB. This website has been a daily stop for the last year. I shall miss your steady updates.

I am glad though that you will not leave us completely. I look forward to what you will produce!

trexbean said...

Good luck, from Honolulu. :0

Anonymous said...

All the best FB.


Kadir said...

Dear Bud,

Your writings on geopolitics is as good as a professional and your blog has been my frequent stop for the last 12 months and I am sure I would be missin your daily postings but I look forward to your writings on particular subjects such as or may be on the interactions of the West ( including the U.S., Europe), the Islam World, Russia, as well as China in the East. I guess the forcoming world would center on these 4 major blocks in the next several decades as far as geopolitics is concerned and any imbalances among them could mean chaos or confrontations and I would suggest you can pay more attention to them in your forthcoming writings.

Cheer up and be great, Bud.