Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Because it's Right On!

A bit far afield from the usual focus of this blog, but Anne Applebaum has an editorial at the Washington Post skewering the populist skapegoating of the metaphor: Washington, DC. Even anchors on CNN are fond of mouthing their scorn for the inside the beltway set. Well, as Ms. Applebaum points out, the folks everyone claims they are so pissed off at are the very same folksy grifters they sent from their rural beacons on the hill to the Hill. What we need now are folks who understand the issues facing the country, not demagogues who make an asset of their ignorance of how things really work. That is, what is needed is not a dose of reality from Main Street Wasilla to Washington, DC, but a dose of reality from Pennsylvania Avenue DC to Wasilla.

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